The Treasurer attends and contributes to all MISC meetings and is allotted one vote. Each September the Treasurer is responsible for submitting an annual report to the governing council encompassing both the annual financial report of the past year and the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget is prepared with the Executive Committee and MISC standing committee representatives, who each are responsible for submitting budget proposals prior to September. The Treasurer must apply for the annual head grant from the Graduate Student Union, apply for exemption from audit in accordance with the proper rules and guidelines, prepare monthly financial reports to be presented to the Governing Council for review and acceptance, refund monies spent by individuals on behalf of the MISC within a five business day time period from time of obtaining the requisition forms and receipts, and keep a ledger in accordance with General Accounting Practices and Principles so that any financial inquiry by a member might be answered within a maximum of five business days.


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