Meetings & minutes

About meetings

MISC holds monthly meetings in the student lounge on the 7th floor of Bissell. Members report on Student Council as well as Faculty of Information Council activities. Topics covered include: social and professional development events, technology purchases, academic concerns, programs changes, council finances, and more. Meeting are posted on the MISC Calendar. Meetings are not restricted to MISC members—all MI students are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend.

MI students who wish to have an item discussed at a meeting but are unable to attend may contact the MISC President to have the item added to the agenda. If an item has already been discussed, an explanation will be sent to the student along with a note of where it can be found in the minutes. If an item is added to the agenda for the next meeting, the Secretary will direct the student to the minutes reflecting the discussion that took place.

About minutes

The minutes below are not transcripts of MISC meetings. They reflect the items discussed at meetings and any decisions made by the council.

To the best of council's ability, unapproved minutes will be posted online within seven days of any MISC meeting. Once the minutes have been approved (usually at the following month's meeting), the approved version will be uploaded within one day (if no changes are raised during the approval vote) or within seven days (if changes are required). However, as council members are all students and volunteers, this may not always be possible. If you have any questions about a meeting and the minutes have not yet been posted, please contact the MISC Secretary.

Archive of minutes