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About elections

The Master of Information Student Council holds elections twice a year, in the first month of the fall term and the final month of the spring term. The majority of each new council is elected in the spring term, while the Vice President, First Year Representatives, Faculty Council Representatives, as well as any unfilled positions are elected in the following fall.

Running for student council is a great way to get involved in life at the iSchool and make sure your voice is heard. You can develop new skills in advocacy, committee work, event planning, budgeting, and more. It is also an excellent opportunity to make connections with future leaders in the information profession.

Fall 2017 elections


  • Nomination Period: September 17 - 30, 2017
  • Voting Period: October 1 - 7, 2017
  • Results Announced: October 8, 2017


You may nominate yourself or any other MI student for any available position on MISC. Interested candidates are expected to familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of their desired position. Please read the position description on the election page, and consult the MISC Constitution or contact the MISC CRO Lauree Sawatzky for more detailed information.

  • You can submit as many nominations as you like. You can submit nominations for multiple positions, or multiple nominations for the same position.
  • If you submit a nomination for yourself, you are automatically in the running for the position. If you submit a nomination for someone else they have the option to accept or decline it.
  • Until the end of the nomination period, you may submit or rescind any nominations.
  • Any positions that remain unfilled will be open for the Fall elections.

MISC Nomination Form - Fall 2017


Voting will be open from Sunday, October 1 to Saturday, October 7, 2017. Please click on the button below to vote. You will be prompted to log in with your UTORid and password. Nomination statements will be provided beneath the name of the candidate on the ballot.


Please note, Concurrent Registration Option (CRO) students will only be able to vote in one election (MISC or MUSSA) depending on which year of the program they are in. Votes for the MISC-MUSSA Liaison position will be counted from both elections.

If you're having trouble voting, please get in touch with the MISC Chief Returning Officer (CRO), Lauree Sawatzky, as soon as possible.

Available positions

Positions on student council are divided into three categories, Executive, Committee Chairs, and Representatives, each playing a different role on council and requiring a different degree of time commitment. Below are the council positions that are open for the fall elections:


Executive members conduct MISC’s business to facilitate other council members’ activities and various student initiatives, disseminating information to the MI student body, and acting as ex-officio members on other committees/councils.

Vice President (1)

The Vice President must be a first year student elected in September for a full year, and attends and contributes to all MISC meetings and is allotted one vote. They also automatically fill one of the Faculty Council Representative positions as well as one of the GSU Representative positions. The Vice President may also be a student representative to the Academic Appeals Committee as the President’s designate. They may also act as the President’s designate where required, such as acting as chair of meetings of the Executive Committee in the President’s absence. The Vice President generally assists the President throughout the year in various ways as necessary.

Secretary (1)

The Secretary attends and contributes to all meetings of the governing council and is elected one vote. The Secretary (or President) may chair meetings of the Governing Council. The Secretary takes minutes at meetings of the Governing Council and Executive Committee, edits them for clarity, and then sends these to the Webmaster and CCs the President. The minutes are then made accessible to all members and posted on the website. The Secretary will produce an annual directory of the members of the Governing Council to be made publicly available to the Membership. The Secretary acts as Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for Council elections and coordinates the fall and winter semester elections. Fall nominations usually take place in the second week of the semester and elections occur around the third week. The winter nominations usually go up at the beginning of March and the elections take place around the third or fourth week in March. Election duties include:

  • writing announcements for the election
  • creating promotion posters
  • gathering nominees information (name, email and blurb)
  • announcing candidates
  • creating and counting ballots
  • announcing elected members to iSchool faculty and students
  • passing candidates contact information to the President

The Secretary also acts as an Executive member of the Council, which includes:

  • attending additional Executive meetings if a serious issue arises
  • having signing rights to the MISC financial account and signing Council cheques if needed
  • chairing meetings if the President requests
  • help out at and represent the Council at various events

Treasurer (1)

The Treasurer attends and contributes to all MISC meetings and is allotted one vote. Each September the Treasurer is responsible for submitting an annual report to the governing council encompassing both the annual financial report of the past year and the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget is prepared with the Executive Committee and MISC standing committee representatives, who each are responsible for submitting budget proposals prior to September. The Treasurer must apply for the annual head grant from the Graduate Student Union, apply for exemption from audit in accordance with the proper rules and guidelines, prepare monthly financial reports to be presented to the Governing Council for review and acceptance, refund monies spent by individuals on behalf of the MISC within a five business day time period from time of obtaining the requisition forms and receipts, and keep a ledger in accordance with General Accounting Practices and Principles so that any financial inquiry by a member might be answered within a maximum of five business days.

Committee Chairs and Officers

These council members are elected by the MI student body to chair MISC’s standing committees: Academic Affairs, Professional Development, and Social committees.

First Year Academic Affairs Officer (1)

The Academic Affairs Officers represent Governing Council on all academic and curricular issues, serve as a point of contact for students experiencing academic or curricular issues and liaise between such students and the faculty or administration. The First Year Officer is elected in the fall, and is allotted one vote in Governing Council meetings. The Academic Affairs Officers will also serve as representatives to the following committees to maintain a holistic understanding of Academic Affairs at the iSchool:

  • Committee on Standing, where the Faculty of Information discusses and makes decisions related to requests for extensions, late withdrawal, thesis options, and doctoral thesis titles and committees (1 representative)
  • The Programs Committee for the Faculty of Information, which discusses and makes decisions related to the iSchool’s programs such as curricula. (2 representatives)
  • Faculty Council, which is the body that oversees the Faculty’s standing committees and affairs. (1 representative)

First Year Professional Development Co-Chair (1)

The Professional Development Committee is comprised of a second year student Co-Chair, elected at the end of the previous academic year, and a first year student Co-Chair, elected at the beginning of the academic year (September). The Committee also welcomes members at large for ideas and input.

The PD Committee is responsible for a number of professional development events for students at the Faculty of Information throughout the school year, including various resume and job-interview clinics and services. The Professional Development Committee's largest effort is the annual Employer Showcase (formerly the Job and Networking Event), usually held in January. Each Co-Chair is allotted one vote at MISC meetings.


These council members represent the interests of MI students on various committees and councils within the Faculty of Information and the University of Toronto.

First Year Tech Fund Representative (1)

The First Year Student Tech Fund Representative (FY-STFR) is elected in September and holds the position for a full year and attends and contributes to all MISC meetings and is allotted one vote. The FY-STFR helps propose and track purchases made with the Student Tech Fund, while also reporting before MISC about purchases and asking for MISC approval on purchases exceeding $3,000. The FY-STFR will also attend Student Tech Fund committee meetings, which are comprised of MI and MMst tech fund members and may include faculty and IT supervisors.

First Year Social Committee Representative (1)

This representative attends and contributes to all MISC meetings and is allotted one vote. The First Year student helps organize various events (such as end of term celebrations), discusses space and communication issues, and assists in planning and carrying out the iTeas for the academic year, which all members of the Faculty of Information may attend. The MISC’s representative sits on this committee to voice opinions and assist the committee on behalf of the MI student body.

Graduate Student Union Representative (1)

There are three GSU representatives on the MISC (2 elected in the fall, and the VP). Each attends and contributes to all MISC meetings with one allotted vote for each rep. The GSU consists have an executive and course union representatives (“GSU Representatives”) who represent the different department and faculties across the University of Toronto graduate programs. The GSU meets once each month, and discusses and votes on various issues such as tuition, rallies, and social events. For more information, visit the GSU website. Candidates must be available to attend all GSU meetings, dates and times to be announced soon.

It is important that the GSU reps attend the GSU meetings, as MISC presence is required to receive funding from the GSU. The reps divide among themselves various duties in addition to each of them attending all these meetings. The divided duties include occasional picking up and delivering mail between the GSU and the MISC (including cheques and posters to be put up), and forwarding the weekly GSU Digest to the MI student body. All GSU reps are to report on the discussions of the GSU meetings to the council and if necessary, raise any concerns at the GSU meetings.

Faculty Council Representatives

These council members represent the interests of all MI students on the Faculty of Information governing council.

Faculty Council Representatives (10)

These representatives attend and contribute to all MISC meetings and are each allotted one vote. The Faculty Council for the Faculty of Information normally meets once each semester and is the governing body responsible for all academic affairs of the Faculty, including determining academic policies, determining the content and requirements of the degree and diploma programs. More information about the Faculty Council can be on the Faculty of Information page on Governance, policy, & accountability.

The students elected to the position Faculty Council Representative (there are normally several each year determined by formula and the number of students registered in the MI program) serve to create a student presence at the Faculty Council meetings. They are allowed to speak at meetings (and are encouraged to do so) and are each allotted one vote on the Faculty Council.

These representatives report back to the students and the MISC at the MISC meetings, allowing the greater student body and council members to understand the decision process of the Faculty as well as gather student feedback to be voice at future Faculty Council meetings.

The President, Vice-President, Master's Recruitment and Admissions Representative, and 1 of the 2 Academic Affairs Officers are automatically appointed as representatives. Numbers have yet to be determined for the 2017-2018 term. Candidates must be available for the following meetings Thursday October 12 from 4-6pm and Thursday November 30 from 4-6pm.