Professional Development Co-Chairs

Jake Miller (Upper Year Professional Development Co-Chair)

"Jacob's serious and thoughtful nature often evaporates in delightful giggles as plays and works with friends. He is an active participant in all aspects of the programme. Furthermore, he is a willing helper and a very generous and caring person. A delightful human being!"

—Excerpt from Jake’s Senior Kindergarten Performance Report

Jake wants every iSchool student to graduate with a job that excites them. Let him know about your professional ambitions, workplaces you’d like to visit, sessions you would like held and employers you think would benefit from a few iSchool graduates.

Sharly Chan (First Year Professional Development Co-Chair)

Sharly is a first-year CIPS student who wants to create and be a part of an inclusive and dynamic environment that will encourage everyone to thrive. At the iSchool, we have amazing opportunities to meet new people, contribute back to the community, learn new skills (while having fun) during our time here.

Let her know about your professional goals, ideas for events or sessions and any cool opportunities you come across through email, twitter @sharlychan or in person at the iSchool!

On her spare time, Sharly enjoys playing board games, watching Ted Talks and training Japanese Jiu Jitsu (let her know if you're interested, she's always looking for new training partners!)"