Professional Development Co-Chairs

Sharly Chan (Upper Year Professional Development Co-Chair)

Sharly is a second year MI candidate working to complete a thesis in the Critical Information Policy Studies concentration. She is passionate about ensuring that every iSchool student gets hired in a career they love.

She serves as the Second Year Professional Development (PD) Co-Chair after her term last year as the First Year Co-Chair. She hopes to bring a wider range of potential employers and opportunities to every concentration at the iSchool.

Sharly is passionate about the intersection of technology and policy, specifically within the areas of privacy, surveillance and open government. Outside of the iSchool, she is a community organizer, martial arts enthusiast, recent cyclist, and food lover.

Let her know about your professional goals, ideas for events or sessions and any cool opportunities you come across through email, Twitter @sharlychan or in person at the iSchool!

Jamie Duncan (First Year Professional Development Co-Chair)

Jamie is a First-Year MI student in the Critical Information Policy Studies concentration. He was attracted to the Faculty of Information because of its interdisciplinary approach and the broad range of interests found there.

Helping employers and students find each other is an undertaking he is excited to be a part of. He loves to see friends and colleagues succeed and is confident that the skills being developed at the Faculty of Information will continue to attract a high level of interest in its graduates.

In class, Jamie is interested in the policy implications of emerging technologies. A current topic of focus is the use of Big Data at the Canadian border. He is also excited to be developing more technical skills by taking courses from other concentrations. Whatever your academic interests, Jamie is passionate about celebrating the diversity in the Faculty and is excited to learn about the goals and interests of students across this range.

If you have questions, ideas, feedback or just want to say hello, Jamie can be reached by e-mail and is happy to hear from you.